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the c&c toolbox is structured into several categories that help filter tools according to your specific needs and context. You can filter the tool based on the topic that describes the purpose of the tool, the climatic hazard which threaten coffee production, the country for which a tool is envisioned and by its content types which are attached to the tool . Please filter on the respective categories on the right for more specific search results.

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to communicate key findings effectively the c&c toolbox provides case studies for tested tools. The case studies include recommendations for further trials or larger-scale implementation, as well as important lessons learned. You can download each case study attached to its tool or use the case study map to access further.

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Monitoring Devices

Because of climate change and increasingly extreme weather events (especially during El Niño) the need to quantify what happens in coffee plots becomes ever more [...]   read more ...
last updated on Jan. 24th, 2018

On-Farm Climate Monitoring

Measuring and recording the air and soil temperature on your farm has become much cheaper, allowing plot level temperature and humidity to be measured, logged [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Jan. 24th, 2018

Permanent Preservation Area (PPA)

PPAs (under Brazilian law 12.651) are natural protected areas, with rigid limits of exploitation, that is, direct economic exploitation is not allowed. For this, the [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Jan. 24th, 2018

Soil Humidity Measurement

There are many ways to measure soil moisture. These range from the laborious but reliable and accurate gravimetric (weighing) method of soil samples, to the [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Dec. 01st, 2017

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