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the c&c toolbox is structured into several categories that help filter tools according to your specific needs and context. You can filter the tool based on the topic that describes the purpose of the tool, the climatic hazard which threaten coffee production, the country for which a tool is envisioned and by its content types which are attached to the tool . Please filter on the respective categories on the right for more specific search results.

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to communicate key findings effectively the c&c toolbox provides case studies for tested tools. The case studies include recommendations for further trials or larger-scale implementation, as well as important lessons learned. You can download each case study attached to its tool or use the case study map to access further.

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Application of Lime Sulfur to control Coffee Rust

Applying a lime-sulfur mix (‘caldo’ in Spanish) to coffee leaves creates a physical barrier to prevent rust spore germination and/or penetration into the leaf tissue. [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Nov. 27th, 2017

Cover Crops

Cover crops refer to a wide range of annual or perennial plants that can be sown to cover bare ground – traditionally to reduce the [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Dec. 11th, 2017

Climatic Zoning

For planning purposes it is useful to determine which coffee lands can be categorized as optimal, sub-optimal or unsuitable and how these have been changing [...]   read more ...
last updated on Oct. 18th, 2017

Coffee Field Spacing

Climate change may require some rethinking about tree spacing configurations to facilitate the use of new tools and even system change. Especially to provide adequate [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Dec. 11th, 2017

Conservation Agriculture

Conservation agriculture (CA) refers to a number of practices that in combination aim to conserve soil moisture and organic matter, reduce erosion and optimize use [...]   read more ...
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last updated on Oct. 18th, 2017

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