monitoring & evaluation

m&e and the toolbox: Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is one of the key components of the c&c toolbox, ensuring that those tools implemented are actually effective for their purpose. This is not an easy undertaking as there are many possibilities for confounding results. For instance, tools may be effective in one region, and not in another; and this can also depend on whether a climatic event actually occurs or not. Therefore we need (M&E) tools aiming to achieve the following objectives:

  • tool level: Measure the extent to which a tool itself is successful at improving the coffee production system´s resilience to the effects of climate change (e.g. rising average temperatures, changing rainfall patterns) and against extreme weather events (hail storms, heavy rains, droughts).
  • farm level: Determine how much more resilient coffee production systems have become as a result of implementing these tools, in light of a changing climate.
  • farmers: Evaluate the extent to which this improved resilience can be attributable to project activities.