c&c toolbox framework:

The c&c program is driven forward through a cyle of monitoring and evaluation. The toolbox is a living platform in which the usefulness of tools are evaluated through case studies and against the most likely climatic events in a constant learning process.

coffee&climate toolbox

welcome to the coffee&climate toolbox

The c&c toolbox is a compilation of methodologies, guidelines and training materials which enable farmers to cope with climate change. It provides a platform to exchange knowledge on known and innovative adaptation practices and bridges the gap between science and farmer know-how.

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    toolbox wizard

    Use the c&c wizard to find tools appropriate to your particular context

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    Introduction to the toolbox

    Dr. Peter Baker, Senior Scientist at CABI, outlines the toolbox concept in this brief video

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    toolbox framework

    The c&c program is driven forward in a cyclical manner by constant monitoring and evaluation of adaptation strategies against climate impacts, as depicted in the toolbox framework


To provide the most up to date information in an “easy to use” manner we are developing several features for the toolbox…

A trial version of our interactive world map is up.  It will soon allow users to locate where tools have already been tested. These tool “case studies” will be rated to determine if implementing the tool has been worthwhile in particular contexts. Users will have access to these ratings and more detailed case information as a guide.

Of course, the collection of case studies has already begun and will be an ongoing process, to ensure that farmers are provided with the best possible advice.